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LuLu's Story

About Charlie

At the age of 10, Charles Tola, also known as “Charlie”, began working at his uncles’ bakery as a cleaning boy. As time passed, Charlie’s interest & passion for the bakery business flourished. With the help of his uncle, former employers, & most of all, self-motivation, Charlie went on to learn how to bake & decorate cakes professionally specializing in all types of whipped creams, butter creams, and rolled fondant cakes. By the young age of 23, Charlie was absolutely convinced that baking was his ultimate passion and wanted to share it with his community.

Behind the Name of Lulu’s

How did Lulu’s Bakery get its name? When Charlie was 17 years old, he was introduced to the pastry called the Lulu, which was being made at the pastry shop where he was working at the time. The Lulu is a simple pastry made of Pate-Choux filled with French cream (a combination of whipped cream and custard), which then became one of his favorite pastries. A few months later, he met his girlfriend, which is now his wife, named Luisa. Naturally being his favorite as well, Charlie gave Luisa the nickname Lulu since it fit so well. Charlie and Lulu got married in 2001. In 2004, their first child was born whose name is also Luisa, but everyone knows her as Lulu. In 2008, came their second daughter Giulia.

How Did Lulu’s Bakery Happen?

Charlie is the mastermind behind Lulu’s. He is the owner, chef, and founder of the business, however it could not have happened with out the help and support of his family. Charlie is very grateful for his parents, especially his father, not only for helping him financially but also physically. Charlie’s father, Vincenzo, took on a great deal of risk to see success in his sons’ future. Vincenzo knew that baking and owning his own bakery one day was Charlie’s passion and dream. From re-financing his home to working endless hours doing construction to the bakery, Vincenzo made it happen! Charlie is forever thankful for his dad and for making this incredible dream reality.

Charlie’s family contributed a great deal of support towards his success. He is very thankful for his mother Maria who is also a remarkable baker, his sister Josephine, and his wife Luisa for all their endless support and encouragement. He also recognizes all his past employers that taught the art of baking and how to be a good business man, and fellow bakers & pastry chefs for sharing their knowledge and with-holding any secrets.

All this combined is what makes Lulu’s Bakery unique & delightful. Lulu’s is soon to celebrate its 11th anniversary and is thankful to the community and loyal customers for their continued support and business. It is also thankful for its employees both past and present for their hard work and dedication.